TOPIC OF THE MONTH ( Wearing A Good Belt and Buckle For Self Defense )

Wearing A Good Belt and Buckle For Self Defense

There are many uses for belts. Most people wear belts for only two reasons, 1st for fashion, or to hold one's pants up. But there is also another use for a belt: self defense. A belt, if properly designed and used, makes a very effective weapon.

You've probably heard jokes about Texans and their huge belt buckles. Have you ever thought to consider how much damage those huge belt buckles can do when swung at an assailant from the end of that thick leather belt? It can do more damage than one might think.

Start by choosing a good belt. You don't want a cheap one that could be easily snapped in two. You want a strong nylon leather belt. You might think that a thick and wide belt is best, but this isn't necessarily so. A thinner belt that doesn't have as much width will actually swing faster and sting more when it makes contact than a wide, thick belt. Just make sure that it is nylon leather.

Next, choose a belt buckle that has some weight to it. It doesn't have to be "Texas sized" as long as it has enough weight. Make sure that it is securely attached to the belt.

Next, practice with the belt as much as possible. Practice getting the belt off in various holds and situations. Practice holding the belt as well. Ideally, you want to wrap one end around the palm of your hand a few times, so that you don't lose your grip on it.

Pay close attention to the action of the belt with you swing it from various directions. Note how it wraps around things. Ideally, you don't want the belt to wrap around. You want the end of the belt to strike, and then to quickly come back to you when you move your arm again - much like a bull whip. Otherwise, your assailant will have time to grab the end of the belt and pull it away from you.

You can wear a good-looking, & versatile belt with a nice hard buckle of all kinds and that permit you to travel in urban street to foreign and domestic areas where you otherwise would have to carry a canister of mace, stout cane, staff, stun gun, etc., in order to resist assault by animals or hoodlums. While a good belt and hard buckle that a nice size dose not have to be to big are vastly superior to people coming at you with knives in street confrontations, they pass airport security just like cowboy buckles. Additionally, they compliment your clothing, from militia, to casual. Master Hernandez Gary Hernandez Martial Arts school